5 SEO Tools You Need to Use

With new SEO trends mushrooming now than ever before, it is important that we stay afloat and keep up with the trends. Although some free SEO tools are trash the tools featured in this presentation are powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. More importantly, these tools are absolutely free.

Some tools are little on the pricey side you can find more affordable ones that give the same results. You can use these tools if you want to achieve better results. You can use these tools for anything from crawling issues to checking your site traffic.

SEO Tools You Need

Here are 5 of the most popular and effective FREE SEO tools you can use:

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersugest is an all-in-one SEO tool designed to help you elevate your SEO game. This tool gives you similar information to SEMRush keyword magic. We know that to be successful in SEO you need to know what your competitors are doing but also know how your keywords are ranking. By knowing what your competitors are doing you will be best positioned to adjust your strategy and hopefully be better than them.

As mentioned, it is similar to keyword magic in that it returns reliable data for every keyword such as CPC, the search volume and level of competition.

Ubersuggest also filters out keywords that you’re not interested in from search results.

You can also add your URLs to get domain metrics.

To get started with Ubersugest you simply type the keyword or paste the domain into the search bar. Once you’ve provided the keyword, you get a report for your chosen keyword or domain.

2. WooRank

WooRank is a website analyzer that gives detailed insights to help improve your site’s SEO.

You can use this tool to generate your site’s SEO score. It also provides an actionable “Marketing Checklist,” in the form of steps you can follow to fix any problems your site might have.

You can also link WooRank to your Search Console and Google Analytics.

Another interesting feature is the social shareability section. Here you are able to see your social network information such as comments, number of likes, backlinks and bookmarks across all popular social networks.

Woorank also has a mobile section that provides you insights on how quickly your pages render or site loads on mobile devices.

3. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

With this tool, you paste your website URL and you will be able to generate a report. Not only does it provide you with some background information on the data but it also saves you a lot of time in analysis. The report is detailed and quick.

Some of the interesting data you will find from this tool includes HTTP Headers Check. The tool also provides helpful icons to show you where you are doing well and what you need to pay attention to and fix. The report also provides a detailed discussion about your website and there’s a short video explaining some SEO topics.

SEOWorker Analysis tool provides a comprehensive keyword analysis. You will find single keywords and longtail keywords that are found on your website.

4. Soovle

Soovle is another free SEO tool that unites the suggestion services from all the major providers in one place. You will find suggested keywords from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Answers.com.

This tool is really helpful especially for search and content creation inspiration. You will find a lot of keywords.

So how it works is that you type the search term then click “Soovle” or press enter.

You can also check the suggestions and click any of them and it will take you to the page.

You can also save the changes for future use.

5. Browseo

Browseo is a web-based app tool that gives you an indication of how your website looks to a search engine. It strips your page of any styling and shows you the underlying structure.

This will help show if Google’s bot has any trouble getting the important content on your site.

An outstanding feature is the SERP preview that indicates how your site appears in search results.

This easy to use tool shows your titles and meta descriptions. It indicates if your Metas are adequately optimized and suggests changes if there are any needed.