Email Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Websites

When we think of ways to get more meaningful traffic, email marketing/opt-in email lists often get overlooked, if at all mentioned. As the search engines get better for users, traditional traffic is dropping mostly because the SERPs are giving detailed answers.

This means that users don’t necessarily have to click on anything to get what they want. Therefore, we are finding it harder to convert impressions into clicks or meaningful traffic.

Opt-In email lists can be the bridge to the meaningful traffic we want. But, how? This is what we have set out to explore.

Email Marketing to Get Traffic and Conversions

Why Opt-In Email Marketing is Often Overlooked

More often than not opt-in email lists are hardly ever at the top of the agenda in organic SEO strategies. In our quest to drive more traffic to blogs, websites and pages, we have come to some “conclusions”.

“Conclusions” because the playing field is constantly shifting in the world of SEO and content creation. (I feel that we are approaching a time when the key to stellar organic SEO will simply be based on users needs and quality content and less keyword centered. Especially with most search engines gearing toward natural language.)

Back to the matter of the conclusions, it is commonly believed that to drive meaningful traffic to your websites that results in conversions, you need to:

Why Email Marketing?

When you have found out what your user wants and created articulate quality content with the best possible keywords used, what is the next step? How do you nudge the user to commit to whatever you are trying to sell? How can we convert the traffic we get to meaningful results?

Opt-in emailing lists are basically prospective clientele that you send targeted marketing materials to. What makes email more effective is the fact that these are people have so much interest in what you offer such that they have volunteered their information.

As a matter of fact, you now have the best possible audience a marketer could ask for: a willingly captive audience.

How to Build an Email List

So, now we have come to the next conclusion that you need to get an audience willing to pay attention to what you have. How do you get that audience? Of course, you need people to subscribe, but how?

For the audience to subscribe you need to be offering something that motivates them to voluntarily offer you access. There are three key factors that will help you get leads and create an effective email list:

  1. Create quality content that will set you apart as a reliable authority on your subject matter.
  2. Clearly ask people to subscribe (this seems obvious, but sometimes people need a nudge)
  3. e.g. offer them a first look the latest content, promotions, etc.

Furthermore, from the mail list we can better tailor our content for a captive audience by segmenting and categorizing the audience. In this way, we can engage in targeted marketing, which will have better conversions.

In Conclusion

Whether you are ready to make use of email marketing services, you can still use the three main principles to get more traffic to your website:

  • Create better content
  • Make use of call to actions
  • Offer an incentive for people to subscribe to your content

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