Google Mobile Search Optimized for Continuous Scrolling

Google has introduced continuous scrolling on mobile devices to present results that are seamless and intuitive. When you reach the bottom of each page of SERPs, the next set of results will load automatically with information that is relevant to your search query.

Google presents information that answers the query in the first few results, but others will want more information and will move on to as far as page four to find it. Continuous scrolling will make finding this information easier without manually clicking on the next page.

google mobile search continuous scrolling

Roll-Out of Continuous Scrolling

Google rolled out this feature as of 14 October but mostly for the US and English searches. The ‘see more’ button will still be there, but it will only be triggered once you scroll through the ‘many more’ results. Continuous scrolling presents the results to make it seem like all the information is on one page.

What it Means for SEO

This will benefit those on the second page since they don’t get as much traffic as those on the first page. They might begin to see traffic as a result of this feature. You will have to monitor your search console and see if this feature has benefited your site for mobile traffic.

If you are ranking on 11 or 12, you are probably most likely to see an increase in traffic due to this Google update. Since the launch, you can monitor the traffic for mobile and see if there is no increase in traffic to pages ranking on the second page of SERPs.

This feature works well for apps such as TikTok, where people will spend hours on the app because of continuous scrolling.