Google SEO Tips for 2022

SEO tipsEach year brings brand new opportunities for us to re-evaluate and refine our SEO strategies to be more targeted and impactful for our brands/clients. It’s estimated that 53% of all site traffic comes from organic search, and as a result, investing in SEO is a valuable and affordable investment for brands that want to grow their market.

Due to Google regularly updating their algorithm and their modest landscapes of keywords constantly changing, our SEO strategy also needs to remain close behind. To see more SEO successes in 2022, keep the following these SEO tips in mind.

Top 5 SEO Tips for 2022

  1. Make sure to Prioritize High-Quality Content

Although Google’s algorithms are updated regularly, their north star has remained the same: Quality. Google wants to rank and promote pages that provide useful, valuable, and relevant information to their users.

In order to rank higher in search results, your team must prioritize the quality of your web pages over anything else.

  • Complete and topic-rich copy
  • Relevant internal and external links
  • Fast-loading, interactive, and visually stable content
  • Strong relevance and satisfaction of search intent

2. Page Experience

The quality of your web page is not only in the subject matter, however, in how the page performs for users. The technical performance of your pages is vital to SEO success in 2022.

Google measures your technical experience of web page in these primary areas:

  • Core Web Fundamentals: Strong Core Website Vitals signal a high-performing web page.
  • Mobile-Usability:  your pages must load swiftly and also be responsive on mobile devices.
  • Security: Google favours pages that use the https protocols and provide a safe and secure browsing experience for users.

To audit, your current Core Web Vitals, use Page Speed Insights, Lighthouse, or Google Search Console.


3. Target Long-Tail and Low-Competition Keywords

It can take time and authority-building before you can rank on page 1, mostly for competitive keywords in your industry. So, to start driving traffic to your site in the meantime, find less competitive or long-tail keywords that share more similar search intent but are more realistic to rank for.

4. Bring AI Solutions into the SEO Strategy

AI solutions can help solve marketing’s biggest challenges: content creation at scale, personalization, and making sense of large amounts of data. Bringing AI into your SEO strategy can be essential to grow faster and outrank your competitors in less time. Try out free trials of tools such as CopyAI, SearchAtlas, or BrightLocal. These will give you an introduction to the competitive advantage that AI can bring to your SEO.

5. Improve SEO Analytics

Google Search Console is one of the best tools available for understanding which keywords are driving traffic and where untapped traffic opportunities lie. You can use the tool to identify any web pages on your site with high impressions but low organic traffic.