Google’s MUM update

Google’s MUM stands for multitasking unified model. This new Google update is a move toward the bigger picture of user intent. Google is trying to move to an entirely artificial intelligent interface.  MUM is important because it will allow diverse information. Google is trying to make searching less tedious, so users do fewer searches.

The point of MUM is to google so it can answer complex questions at once. The example given at the seminar was, “I’ve hiked Mt Adams and now want to hike Mt Fuji next fall. What should I do differently to prepare?”

This type of question is normally too complex for Google to answer at first glance. Users have to do many searches and comparative texts to find an adequate answer to that question. Very soon, Google will see, hear and read content and repackage it in a wholesome answer.

Today search engine might seem fairly advanced, but it is still f=very far from Google’s ultimate objective. To answer a complex search query, users have to go through multiple articles. The objective for google expert advice.

What will MUM include?

So MUM hasn’t been affected yet. However, it will change the way content is ranked on google and all other search engines. And if you are a content creator, there are few things you must take note of and know.

Firstly, there won’t be many changes to how content creators will need to structure content. All that matters is that it is informative and interactive. Google’s golden rule of user intent is what will set your content apart.

Why is this the case? Well, simply because the AI will upgrade how search engines give information to users.

MUM will include any other related details to a complex query and understand that the user is looking for a comparison. It will also surface information from a deep understanding of the world.

At the moment, search queries are usually answered in isolation – the search engine gives us the answer or what it thinks to be the answer to the question at hand.

Another thing about MUM is that it will also surface sub-topics and give the user a deeper explanation. In the query about hiking, this would be top-rated hiking gear and places to get it. The results will include videos and audio and any form of content.

The MUM is toward the bigger objective of sophisticated expert understanding.

Google's MUM update

The Best Features about MUM

  1. It will remove the language barriers –this new technology will be able to process information in every language to give you the most accurate answer.
  2. Understand across types of media – this multi-model means all sorts of media input.
  3. It will Apply Advanced AI to search.
  4. Finally, it will help solve any complex task so that kids these days will get all their maths homework from google.


As part of the natural language processing – google has taken strides in AI over the past decade. At the moment, MUM only understands information from text and images. In the future, this multitasking unified model will include all sorts of data and content as part of the search engine’s information.

This is why content creators have to start incorporating all sorts of media in their content. Voice and videos seemingly the priority. If you are a content creator, your best bet is to