How to Improve an About Us Page?

An about us page is what businesses use to give customers insight about their services or product. It gives them information about their background, what they do, and their purpose.  When you search your website on Google, this page appears in your sitelinks. Having an about us page can lead people to your website and convince them to buy into what you are selling.

Google’s human rating guidelines state that an about us page is another way to determine the E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) of any page. Like with other important pages such as your homepage/landing page, having an about us page is necessary. Therefore, it also needs to be optimized and over time will become better.

Where is the about us page located on Google?

Where the About Us Page is Located

What is a Good About Page?

A good about us page must entail the following in the copy.

  1. Have facts to gain the readers trust.
  2. Make sure that you’re specific and tell customers what they need to know.
  3. Formulate a connection through storytelling so be creative or interesting (include keywords/related).
  4. Mention your credibility and achievements.
  5. What makes you special?
  6. Include your values.
  7. Don’t forget to insert an image.
  8. Have a call to action.

Let’s Get into Detail About the Page

The about us page has to catch visitors’ attention at first glance. This means you need to be detailed, be factual, and get rid of the fluff in your copy. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, customers leave a page in 10-20 seconds. However, a page with clear intention can get their attention for a longer time.

So, you need to value above the fold copy (this content is viewed without scrolling downwards). Most of the time users don’t even get to the lower part of the page. Remember that in your copy you are answering frequently asked questions in a form of sentences.

Make Your About Us Page Attractive

Such a page needs to be sweet and short. On the other hand, it gives you a chance to play around with templates, graphics, insert a timeline, bullet points, or video. Improving your about page should be relatively easy when you break it down to the basics.

Examples to Inspire an About Us Page


About Us Business Page Example


Example 2 About Us Page