The Webmasters Guide to Loading Speed


Do you want to know how to make your site go faster? Or why it’s important for a website to have a fast turn around time. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you a few easy ways to improve the loading speed of your website.

Improve your website’s performance: A faster website enhances user experience and guarantees higher conversion rates to your site

  • A fast and efficient website is the goal for any webmaster. The speed of a site is basically how quickly your website responds to search queries/web requests. A fast site has happy users. It offers a better user experience
  • In 2001 – Zona research released evidence proving that the average user will wait no longer than 8 seconds for something to download before moving on to the next site. That is how short the attention span of modern human beings has become.
  • In an Amazon study – they found that for every second their site takes to load. They lose 1 percent of their revenue.

Here are four things webmasters can use to make their websites faster.

Divvi Performance Update

  • The site is used to track site performance.
  • Make sure your site is running on good hosting.
  • Then you should check your image scaling – what this does is make it possible for users to effortlessly view your images with whatever device they use.
  • Optimize your images – there are a few plugins you can use to do this. It serves up better-looking images.
  • Use a content delivery network – instead of your site serving up all of your files, it will be distributed across the world in their data centers. This means if someone visits your site in the USA while your web hosting center is in SA for example. It will serve all the content in the USA cutting down the speed it takes to load the site. Tool- Bunny CDN
  • CDN – Network providers that can deliver your content faster.

Bunny CDN: a content delivery network to geographically distribute content.

  • Content Delivery Network – or a content distribution network. Acts as a proxy between an internet user and the content they are trying to access. It helps sites deliver content faster therefor providing performance quality.
  • Webmasters that have site hosting in one country while their target market is in another country will benefit from CDN’s.
  • The CDN will keep your content in close proximity to the user, no matter where you are.


How to make your site load fast


Google Page speed

  • Google Page Speed is the Google tool that will analyze your site for you and even tell what is slowing your site down.
  • The first thing you must do is to check your site’s performance on this tool. You will get a basic guideline on where to begin improving for better results.
  • An essential tool to analyze the speed at which your site loads.

Google AMP Framework

  • Optimizing your website and making sure it works is extremely effective, you are essentially making sure your site is not the cause of slow page loading.
  • The other effective way to get page working is to simply make it more user friendly. So that users can want to return.
  • An amazon study revealed that the majority of internet user accesses the web through mobile devices.
  • Making your site mobile friendly will bring higher conversion rates. Because optimizing your site for mobile devices will cater to the majority.
  • Google AMP framework is a tool you can use to make your site more equipped for mobile browsing.