How to Republish Blog Content for SEO

Some people get worried about being penalized for duplicate data when they republish blog content. Well, you don’t have to worry about getting into Google’s wrong books when your intention to update old blogs is done ethically. The whole purpose of reworking your historical articles is to spike more traffic.

You got the first part right by writing an article based on a topic that people are searching for. However, the blog has not made much impression on readers. Now would be the right time to relook that outdated blog using SEO tools and republishing.

Republish Content on Your Website

Take a step back and analyze how many posts you have written over the years for your website. Here, we are not talking about written content in six months but preferably a year or two ago. You can’t just take the simple way out and update the date. You’ll need to do a full revision of the blog.

  • Identify old blog posts on your website that don’t have much traffic, and look at where the main keyword ranks. For example, Search Console, Ahrefs, and other tools can be used to do research.
  • You need to think about what content needs to change. To check if the information is relevant or not, you’ll need to search the topic on Google again. Don’t forget to ask yourself what is the search intent for the query.
  • Make sure that your content reads well using readability tools.
  • Change the picture and put something more attractive, adding a meme wouldn’t hurt in some cases.
  • Your article must have internal links that direct people to similar topics that you have covered.
  • Unfortunately, no matter how good your content may be, it sometimes won’t rank. This is because your competitors may have high-quality backlinks. So, analyze your backlinks.
  • It’s easier to maintain a URL that has no dates because it doesn’t have to change. You can re-index the URL on Google Search Console once you have published it on the site.
  • Where can you publish the content? Social Media and other relevant platforms.

It might be a good idea to delete a post here or there that is not relevant or have no links because it may be taking unnecessary space. As you know, people are more inclined to click on new posts rather than old ones.

Republish Blog Content

The Advantages of Repurposing Content

There are three advantages of improving outdated posts:

  • You can use different SEO tools to do your research, such as Google Analytics etc.
  • You work on adding value to the content that is already there.
  • It may improve your ranking potential if it is done right.


Nowadays, we create more content, which means there is an overload. You can’t possibly think that writing more blogs over time will keep your audience’s attention.

We don’t mean that you should republish every article from your archives. Instead of neglecting old posts rather optimize and reuse some of them correctly. In so saying, you’ll be creating a balanced blogging strategy that will improve post ranking overtime.