Importance of Blog in SEO

The word Blog is a short term for “weblog” and is defined as online news or journal on a website. It is generally displayed in reverse chronological order to reveal the latest articles at the top. A blog is a platform where the opinions of an individual subject are shared by a writer or a group of writers. Blogging plays a very important role in SEO when it is done the proper way.

blog in seo

7 Reasons Why Blog can be valuable for SEO

Creation of fresh new Content

Publishing a blog is a common form of adding fresh content to a website. New pages are more likely to help a website rank, as it contains more relevant keywords. Furthermore, search engines value and prefer websites with updated and relevant content for indexing. Hence, blogging the most relevant topics weekly can help to build a relationship with readers. Just make sure you write the best blog for SEO with quality content and good grammar.

Long-tail Keywords

A blog is the best way to focus on long-tail keyword as they are longer and more specific phrases that visitors are more likely to use.

Internal Linking

The principle behind internal links is, above all, to help make the website easier for readers to navigate. It is also about establishing a hierarchy and spreading the link juice. Hence, it’s much harder to have an effective internal linking strategy without blogging.

Site Architecture

Site structure refers to how the website’s content is organized. A website often consists of content on a variety of related topics, presented on both, blogs and pages. Hence the site architecture normally deals with how this content is grouped, linked, and presented to the visitor.

Back Linking

Blogging gives you the option of including links to other relevant websites. Subsequently, these sites can return links to your site, which will ultimately help in generating even more web traffic.

Increase User Experience Intent

Search engines want to provide users with the best and unique user experience that engages visitors. It is through blogging that a website can do this by being more creative with their content. Therefore, an infographic blog can be one way of creating yours. These blogs are appealing to users, which should be the focus of your SEO efforts.

Traffic Booster

The more your site attracts visitors, the more you are creating a point of interaction with your brand. Therefore, this generates brand awareness that leads your site to frequent visits from visitors. Generally, popular blogs are known to have a long lifespan, which can easily entice visitors from organic search for several years.