What Is A Call To Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a quick, short message on any site to bring a user to take specific actions. It motivates your audience to take real steps toward becoming a player or client. A call to action is typically written as an action or command phrase, such as ‘Play Now’ or ‘Shop Now’. It is generally seen in a form of a hyperlink or button. Unfortunately, a large number of businesses don’t use or recognize the importance of this strategy.

Why Is A Call To Action Important?

A call to action acts as a spell in the mind of your reader. It consciously and unconsciously tells the user what to do next such as “click here”. Sometimes they don’t think about doing anything when visiting your site, but will if you use the right CTA.

A great call to action can improve click-through rate when it clearly communicates what the reader can expect when he/she clicks a button or link.

Lacking a strong CTA on your page can cause the user to leave without knowing what to do (purchase a product, read more or register). It is also part of the user experience.

call to action

Examples of Calls To Action

A CTA can take many forms depending on the context, the industry or what you want to achieve. It can be a button on a site, a closing statement in a blog post, a line in an email etc.

On a blog you are more likely to see:

  • Sign-up for our newsletter
  • Read more articles
  • Share on social media

On an online casino,

  • Play Now
  • Register today
  • Claim your bonus

On an e-commerce site,

  • Add to cart
  • Buy now
  • Checkout

CTA as a text

However, call to action are not always used as buttons. A line of text can be a CTA too, and it can even be more efficient. Research from Leighton Interactive (2017) shows that “developed designs or images have a 2.89% average click-through rate, buttons have 4.37% average click-through rate and texts have 6.27%”.

call to action strategy

How to use CTA?

Research shows that People mostly scan your content more than they read it; unless you catch their attention. And the only way to catch thy attention is to use power words in your call to action.

A power word, is a specific appealing word or phrase that catches the attention, stimulates the emotion of the reader and reassures them to carry on taking the intended action. (We guarantee safety, awesome, watch this, etc)

How to Create Persuasive CTA

  • Use an outstanding design:

A great call to action needs to have the best color or shape.

  • It should be noticeable:

Use bold letters or colour, or a font visible enough to bring attention.

  • Clearly specify the benefit, use action words such as “learn more”, “discover”,

Why should they click on it? Why should they be compelled to take action?

  • Should be short in Length: not longer that 7 words, should be short, not really a sentence.
  • Create a sense of urgency: Make it urgent such as “while stock last” can push readers to take action instantly not later.
  • Use reviews or social proof (star ratings)

Many users look at product reviews before purchasing. If a user sees that people subscribed, purchased or liked your site, they are more likely to do the same. It is then important to use statistics, such as for example “See why 3 out of 4 customers have rated our product/services as exceptional” in your CTA. It shows the user that by taking action, they will be a part of a great community.

  • Use first person

For more clicks, you can address your target audience openly. Instead of the “Claim your bonus now” for example, you should go with “Claim my bonus now”.