The Importance of grammar in SEO

The role of a copywriter is to write content that is relevant and valuable. It is, therefore, paramount that the content should include “keywords”. We all know that keywords are quintessential in order for your site to have a better chance of ranking. Remember, when a website is well optimised, it improves seo search ranking. Thus, chances are better for your site to climb up the ladder.

How poor grammar and spelling affect your ranking results in SEO

First of all, a content that is rich with keywords can easily become the worst content when it contain typos, bad grammar and sentences that are not easy to read. Let’s have a look at the examples below:
School Misspelled Poor grammar

Let’s face it, content with numerous spelling and grammar mistakes will assuredly affect your site’s credibility. We should not neglect the importance of correct grammar in our copies.
According to Google, spelling and grammar does not have a direct impact on search engine results (SERPs). However, it only means that the search engines don’t run the whole internet through spell-check. However, Google’s Panda Algorithm can scan the content’s quality and this is why proper grammar in a sentence is very important.

Also, remember that users we are trying to retain/convert are simply humans. So, should your content be full of grammar and spelling errors, it only defines your site as mediocre and unreliable. Once, users leave your site, the chances are higher that they might now come back. Thus, it has a direct impact on your bounce rate. Good to note that search engine BING penalizes websites with poorly written content.

“No one ever reads the copy”

Most probably, but a fact one should not neglect is that your site is continuously being crawled by the search engine spiders. Google will penalize your site if your content is detected with a high number of keywords also known as “keyword stuffing”. Even if Google and other search engines do not possess algorithm to analyse spelling and grammar, they have algorithms that can identify bad user experiences. Users will leave your site immediately should your content contain typos, spelling error and bad sentences. If users are leaving within seconds after they land on your page; this will raise a huge red flag for Google. Thus, it is automatically revealing that your site is not credible or worthy of top search engine ranking.

The Impact of Accents on International Marketing

Foreign languages, for example French, Italian and Spanish to name a few, make use of accents in their grammar. In copy-writing, it is said that accented words search results would be the same as words without accents. Nevertheless, organic search and paid results can differ based on the language and keywords used and so will the optimisation of pages and ads. If you are advertising a brand, you need to make sure that the usage of accents is taken into consideration in international SEO and PPC. Below is an example:

The keyword “casino en ligne français” (French online casino) without accents have more searches than the one using accents:

Casino en ligne francais 1300
Casino en ligne français 720

How can we fix grammar error ?

There are numerous apps for grammar check available. These seo grammar checker can help copywriters to correct grammar in sentences online. It can help as well as with minimising spelling and typo errors on their materials. But the main one which is recommended is:

  • Proofreading!

Use Small SEO tools grammar Checker to improve your site

Proofreading your content will eventually fix all errors a copywriter omitted unintentionally in his/her content. You can even make use of tools that are provided on the internet. Please see below some grammar checker small seo tools site: