New Ahrefs Features Help with SEO Strategy

With the help of tools such as Ahrefs we are able to create, promote, and deliver great content to our target audience. Ahrefs is responsible for helping copywriters put out content that is targeted’ while also bringing in new ideas by analyzing web trends.

As SEO content writers, we know that creating a good piece of content requires a dedicated effort to rise above the clutter and hopefully rank. We know that there is a large amount of research that goes into getting a decent piece of content published. However, the challenge doesn’t end with good content – there is a great deal of effort that also goes into amplifying the article’s reach.

Initially, Ahrefs was a Backlink Checker, however, it has evolved into a comprehensive tool that provides graphically amazing filtering capabilities and pleasing trends. Improve your Website SEO using Ahrefs.

Ahrafs Update

Three Ahrefs October Updates

In October, Ahrefs introduced three updates; the comparison mode in Top Pages 2.0 where you get to see your competitors top performing pages.  The second is in overview 2.0 you can see traffic by country and URL comparison in Positions history. In this guide, we will look at the top page comparison and traffic share by country update. Both of these features will help you improve your content and attract new readers.

How Does Comparison Mode in Top Pages 2.0 Work?

It’s also useful for seeing which of your competitor’s pages are growing in popularity and which ones are losing it. Compare Pages in Top Pages 2.0’s history chart to compare organic data for up to 10 pages on your target. You are able to compare either organic keywords or organic traffic.

Ahrefs Date

The chart indicates the performance of your top 10 pages by default. You can change the pages displayed on the graph, by first de-selecting the default set of pages, and then manually selecting the ones you’d like to see. You can use the bar on the right to select the timeframe you’d like to see data for. You can also switch between daily, weekly and monthly chart modes.

How Does Traffic Share by Country in Work?

In overview 2.0 you can see traffic by country. The new feature allows you to switch between paid traffic and organic traffic. This information will help you identify which countries you should focus on. You will be able to compare your traffic share by country with your competitor.

Ahrefs Traffic by Country