What are the Top 5 SEO Common Mistakes

SEO common mistakes can impact your site ranking. We all know that SEO methods are forever evolving partly because of search engines’ developments as well as user perspectives. Generally, when we want to write a page we work hard to find the right keywords that can potentially help bring in massive amounts of traffic. You wait patiently expecting to see your website start climbing the search results but nothing happens. Even when it does its very slow. What could be the issue, maybe it’s one of these common SEO mistakes?

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid.


Quality over Quantity

Using Poorly Written Content It is not a good idea because although it might be well optimized it gives a bad impression especially from a UX perspective. You will come across as untrustworthy and believe it or not people can tell if your content is unique and valuable.

Not Paying attention to Meta Title and Meta Descriptions

Make sure that you have a unique title for every page. This isn’t only for SEO purposes but for social media. Your page titles are usually used as the text when someone bookmarks your website and also shared in tweets. Therefore, they should always be unique and descriptive.

What should the Tags include?

They should be unique and persuasive.

The homepage and each page on your site should have a custom meta description that will persuade people to click. And the meta should also include the relevant keywords.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Page Speed

Users are impatient. The average page load time that a user allows is just two seconds, after that, they will move on to better (and faster) websites.

Google uses site speed as an SEO ranking factor because page load speed key to user experience. Site speed is the initial thing to look at. The faster your site, the more Google will favor it.

Google has made available a number of tools that are very useful to check your site speed Google PageSpeed Insights is one of them. This tool gives you an indication of what improvement and aspects need to bump up the speed of a certain page.

You should optimize your images. Resize your images can speed up the loading time.

Be Mindful of Duplicate Content

A major SEO mistake is duplicate content. According to a SEMrush study, almost half of the websites are guilty of this. Many times the problems stems from sites that use the same copy on every landing page. Creating unique and relevant content page is important.

Not Using Anchor Text for Internal Links

Using a call to action may increase clicks, but it also deprives you from tailoring your anchor text.

So, if you write a mobile casinos page, and you want to link to your Android casinos page, make sure you use an anchor text that Android casinos or something relevant.

If you have to include a call to action, include the relevant keywords in the link. For example, “click here to read more about Android casinos.”