SEO vs PPC: Acquiring the right leads for less

Many webmasters often get a little bit confused when it comes to SEO practises and PPC. As a result, we saw it fit to write an article with bit of insight on SEO vs PPC.

What is PPC

This is a way of online advertising where sites pay a certain amount of money whenever users click on their advert. PPC advertising forums are normally created for new websites, since new sites usually take about four to six months to start ranking, thus getting little traffic within their first year.

seo vs ppc

PPC adverts can help a site get a lot of relevant traffic and is mostly  a short-term plan to get the new sites out there, on the first page of search engines.  After a few months, SEO will then start doing its wonders, ranking the site on its own and then eventually PPC gets phased out.

Acronyms Used In the Realm of SEO and PPC

  • Cost Per Click – Amount paid for a single click to your site.
  • Return On Investment (ROI) – What you get back (profit) for what you put in financially.
  • Cost Per Mille – Amount paid for 1 000 impression on your site
  • Cost Through Rate – Number of Clicks on your site, divided by the number of impressions.

Organic Ranking (SEO) VS PPC

While we support SEO over PPC Ads, PPC does come with a few benefits that you cannot get with SEO. Some of the advantages of using PPC over SEO are as follows:

  • Speed: Organic can take up to 12 months, PPC may only take about 24hours.
  • Stability: Organic ranking can drop overnight with search algorithm changes, PPC ads are more stable.
  • Cost: Organic rankings are free; sponsored rankings are paid per click and can suffer from click fraud.
  • Media: Sponsored rankings can show rich media like banners or video ads, organic rankings mostly show text (though this is changing with the Google’s technological advancements).

SEO Vs PPC 2018: Which Is Better In The Long Run?

Below are some of the many reasons why we believe SEO is better than PPC, long-term.

Long Term Strategy

Though it can take about six to twelve months to see optimal rankings on site using SEO, but just it may take a while to move up the rankings, same applies to the drop in rankings. Once a website ranks in the top positions on the search engine, it will rarely move down.


High SEO rankings will assist website owners to educate their target audience about what they will be looking for and help them make more informed decisions. Indirectly, this builds trust between the site owners and their customers.

SEO vs PPC Statistics

Organic Ranking trumps paid advertising. This is because SEO gets 90% of the clicks. When searching online, most users skip paid adverts mostly because they trust Google’s algorithm more. Through SEO, a website is most likely to receive more traffic compared to the advertisers, on the same keyword.


It’s no brainer that Seo is more cost-effective that paid ads. Once your website ranks high on the search engines, then you won’t have to pay for clicks. Put a hold on PPC campaigns and allow SEO rankings to bring more results. Please do let us know which one works for you better in the comment section below.

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