Importance of social media in SEO

Seo Is about being found on the search engine (visibility) to get people to get to your site organically. Social media is about creating a presence online and get close to your audience. Some social networks like Twitter and Facebook offer the option to just be active on the platform without being much involved with the audience. It helps your audience not to interact with a profile having the same business name as you. Secondly, in this generation, people will always look out to your social network to know more about you after finding your website. Even when people search for your brand, your account can show up and add more value to your site. Therefore, having a social media platform is very important but still, you need to choose the right platform for your business.

Can social media boost my website traffic?

Social media does not have a direct impact on your ranking. In fact, what you share on your social media, create more exposure but is not seen as a ranking signal by Google. However, it affects your website site ranking indirectly. There is actually a correlation between the number of your social signals and your site’s position in the search engine result pages. It’s important to note that google treats the content on your social media as an HTML page of a site. It is still not known if the search engine uses the data of your social network for ranking purpose. Below are some ways social media can affect your ranking in a positive manner.

social media in seo

Google crawls your social networking pages

When you are active on your pages, Google does crawl and index them. That’s why you can look for a certain brand or company and see their social media on the search engine. It can even show the latest post. The overall system creates a sense of trust and attracts more people to visit your platforms on the site.

Social media Favorise traffic to your site

What google wants according to Yoast (2016) is to follow links from a page to another. Google‘s crawlers are working 24/7, following links and saving everything in a database. Therefore, you are relevant if people talk about you on or offline because it is relevant results. It is then important to share your awesome content / spread it to other platforms. It will increase traffic to your site.

Social media helps with brand awareness

If you are posting great content, people will definitely remember your brand, share it and bring a new audience. That new audience will start engaging with you in the likes, the follows and so forth. And end up on your site for the products or services you provide.

Social media build your site authority

“In the eyes of search engines, if your page or domain has a high value, it has high authority. And a better chance to rank above sites with not-so-strong authority.” (Lyfe Marketing, 2019).

Social media can be part of your link building because a lot of content on the web is disseminated via social media. Thus, your high presence on social media has a direct influence on the level of authority. When people share your link, you get noticed by bloggers, webmaster, influencer or user who would want to link to you or visit your site.

In conclusion,

Social media is a powerful tool you can use to help your content reach the right people and on the other hand, get traffic to your site. It helps you have a stronger presence online. For that reason, it is advisable to possess a social media page or profile.

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