Benefit of Customer Reviews in SEO

Customer’s reviews are not just a great strategy to attract or reassure potential customers. They also have an influence on a site ranking. A lot of businesses are using their existing client’s feedback, to show that they are capable of delivering the best service or products. Habitually, happy clients refer new customers to a business. And if your business has an online presence, this causes a lot of traffic. With the constant change of Google, customer reviews are more and more becoming a crucial part of SEO. Below is are some benefit of online reviews.

More feedback = More keywords

In this generation, your clients are not just buyers, they also represent a category of content creator. Therefore, from now on, consider your client’s reviews as content instead of just feedback. Why? Simply because this is how Google read or sees them. In fact, Google is provided with new content to crawl, every time a client leaves a review. Moreover, that review is likely to contain important keywords and key phrases which are relevant to your business.

 Reviews to be ahead and improve CTR

While others focus on search terms, and coding, to rank, site owners should consider reviews to get ahead. Therefore, installing rich snippets and collecting reviews on your website will change your listings in the SERPs. Those reviews will appear as “rich results listings”. Which means that any collected reviews will show up as golden symbol (stars) under your listing.

Google Trusts Reviews

Positive reviews tell Google that your business and website is of high quality and therefore, highly valuable. So, it is not really a surprise that Google shows companies with a lot of positive reviews at first in the search result. The reviews are seen as high-quality links.

Social media affects ranking factor

Social media has become an influential factor when it comes to a website’s ranking. In fact, social media is the driving force at the back of many website traffic. Google traces user behaviour and can actually determine whether a social media user’s chat about a website is negative or positive. Therefore, it explains how google relies on social media users to tell their algorithms what sites are good or bad.

More traffic for local SEO benefits

Reviews are a key indicator for local searchers and help local business to distinguish themselves from the competition within a community. Also, it brings traffic and more customers a business easily. For example, if you want to have lunch in your area and search on Google for “restaurants near me”, you will receive a lot of search results including the reviews that will help you to make a choice.

Customer Reviews

They impact bounce rates

Reviews intensify both client knowledge and trust. As many SEO specialists and marketers are aware, it’s possible that a high bounce rate may have a vast effect on a website’s ranking. However, with the presence of reviews, users are more likely to spend more time browsing your site and be influenced enough by your content. Consequently, they can convert to paying customer. Which lead to a lower bounce rate and a better position in Google.

Reviews may have backlinks effect

Reviews coming from clients holding Google’s account with an active presence on social media can have a good impact on rankings. Experts believe that in the future Google will evaluate ranking based on customer reviews.

Reviews as an SEO strategy

Whether you offer a service or a type of product or even both, reviews will impact how individuals interact with your site. And this interaction affects, directly and indirectly, your SEO. Thus, because SEO is an ever-changing science, site owners cannot afford to remain with stagnant strategy. A review can constitute a way to stay ahead of the competition.