Top 5 SEO tools in 2021

It can be hard to optimize a content or to do SEO optimisation as a whole. However, many experts in the field have worked roughly; to create the best tools to help many of us rank up.  Among these numerous SEO tools, we decided to present to you five of them. And we are leaving you the choice to try them all; or just figure out which one will work best for your business.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a free tool that allows you to find a topic to write easily. Maybe you are looking for a blog topic or an idea for specific content. Answer the Public helps you by generating specific keywords according to what is on trend or what people are looking for. For example, if you are in the niche of decoration. You can use this free tool to create content around keywords like L-couch, galley kitchen, island-style etc. It is also a great instrument for when you want to find featured snippet content or FAQs ideas. Moreover, you can download the result and have a look quietly and simply. Nevertheless, there is a maximum number of free searches per day.

SEO quake

SEO Quake is used as a free tool, which act as an extension either in chrome or another search engine. It is an excellent SEO checker tool that assesses external and internal links, performs on-page site audits, and compare your sites performance to the ones of your competitors. The tool also includes a basic keyword density, a diagnosis of your site, and an export option for you to be able to download your data.


Siteliner is an SEO tool (not free) that helps you scan your entire site in order to find duplicate content, average page size and speed, broken links With SEO tools like this one, you’ll be able to scan your entire website to find duplicate content, cannibalization, broken links, the number of internal links per page, and more. It also makes a comparison between your site and your competitors to help you know on which ground you are playing.

Fat Rank

Fat rank is also an extension, which allow you to analyse your website’s performance easily. It tells you where your page stand r rank on search engine. It is possible to add more keywords to your search to find out your position for each keyword you might have optimised. In case you are not ranking for the top 100 results, it will tell you and it will mean that you are not ranking for that specific keyword. Optimise again and try it.

Seo tools

Keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is another great SEO extension used on Chrome that combines data from various tools such as Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Trends, to help you find the best keywords to rank for. You can use that tool when you are doing competitor analysis in order to find long tail keywords or keyword people uses every day. Keyword Everywhere shorten the process of choosing the best keywords for your site

Google Incognito

Doing your search In Incognito will save you from biased results. This tool has not been created by Google by chance. In fact, you can be sur to only get clean searches and see the types of results people get when they search for a specific keyword. Moreover, it is free, helpful as it shows where you actually rank on a results page for a certain keyword.