Using Synonyms to Improve Your Content

We all know that in the SEO world, keyword stuffing is the original sin. Although this might be a sin that most of us accidentally commit while trying to increase the keyword density, it is important that we choose variations of your keyword.

To indicate how serious Google is about keyword stuffing, they introduced algorithm update called Hummingbird to help them change the way they interpret keywords.

Keyword Synonyms

Hummingbird Explained

Google introduced this algorithm in 2013 and this significantly influenced how users respond and engage with search results. Using natural language processing, users are able to get niche results for queries. Hummingbird is able to gauge intent in a semantic manner, therefore allowing players to search for topics and sub-topics rather than having to exactly match the search terms.

Google understands that a page optimized for “casinos with high payouts” is the same as “highest paying casinos,” thanks to the Hummingbird. In a nutshell, this algorithm focuses on synonyms and theme-related topics.

Hummingbird Google

What are Keyword Synonyms?

A word that means something similar to another word. For example, suitcase and luggage, Hot and burning, Sympathetic and considerate etc. So, a keyword synonym is the exact same thing. This is a word or a phrase that is similar to your focus keyword. The relevant keyword synonyms will give Google context, which is something incredibly important for Google. Additionally, the synonyms make your post easier to read. The truth is, no one wants to read text riddled with repeated keywords.

Why is Using Keyword Synonyms Important?

Although using keyword synonyms does not directly influence your ranking. It does help with user experience. So, you might be wondering why you should even bother with keyword synonyms. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should bother;

Dwell Time SEO

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword synonyms will help you write comprehensive content that is easy to read. Keyword stuffing is not only difficult to read but it might be annoying for the reader. You need to use your focus keyword regularly but keep in mind keyword density. For instance, if you write a page about casino bonuses and the keyword is in every other sentence, your text will not flow naturally and become unreadable. To avoid stuffing make sure your text is varied which will make it easier to read.

2. Improve Your Credibility

Your credibility will improve drastically. Writing good content has a lot to do with your credibility. Writing well means avoiding needless repetition. When you write good content, it will attract a lot of people who are likely to read and share your content. Your content stands out from the rest and your credibility will only increase over time.

3. Improved Browsing Time

When you have good quality content, people spend more time on your website. You might even get some clicks on some of your links. Use a conversational tone and natural language if you want your readers glued to the screen.

Finding Keyword Synonyms

Now that you know why keyword synonyms matter, so how can you find synonym keywords. Let’s take a look at some ways you can find keyword;

Use a Dedicated Tool

There are dedicated keyword synonym tools that you can use to find keywords. These include;

The trick is to include your keywords naturally without stressing about where you place them.