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Hi Guys, welcome to our YouTube Channel!

Many webmasters wonder why and how YouTube could possibly be an important part of any business. Well, YouTube videos are a common feature in the SERPs. At one point or another, you have come across a YouTube channel for a keyword you searched.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and has over 2 billion active users a month. Imagine if 2% of those users clicked on your website URL for more info.

With that, you have to note that video marketing is not for every industry and not for everyone. This doesn’t mean you should not try your hand it.

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YouTube SEO For Beginners

To get in on the Action, there are a few things that you need to know. The most important part of getting the YouTube plaque sent to your door is creating a channel with  amazing content and thumbnails, and “click me” text.

Welcome to YouTube SEO.

We will be assuming that we are using the channel to get users back on our website to click, buy or join.

1.      Creating an SEO-Friendly Video

Similar to how Google collects information or passages from your page to rank you, YouTube’s algorithm uses text information to rank you in YouTube’s search results. This “click me” text includes:

  • The video’s filename.
  • The title of the video.
  • The description of your uploaded content.

Video Title

your title has to make users want to click on your video and improve your click-through rate. Ideally, using the same convention you would in your blog posts for your video is ideal. Of course, making it sound less static.

Aim for five or more words, including keywords and power words. Use your keyword at the start of the title with a subheading after a colon to drive the clicks. Remember you are also trying to rank on Google’s SERPs.


Incorrect – The only video to watch to get started with YouTube SEO

Correct – YouTube SEO Basic – How to Rank #1 on YouTube in 2021

Video Description

YouTube’s spiders can’t read videos; they rely on your written description to understand the content. This is debatable. But, what you don’t want to do is throw in keywords for the sake of it. Think of your description as a VERY short blog post the describes your video.

If the video is text to voice conversion, you will want to write a natural description that explains exactly what the video is about.

Not a lot of competitors are doing this, so you may give an upper hand. This is your tie to be creative and to the point!

Also, if you want to go for a longer description, you can use a video transcription service to turn your description into a video script. This gives YouTube tons of information for deciding where to rank your content.

Also, putting you’re your social media links in the description can upcycle traffic to your website and social pages.

2.      Custom Thumbnail

Every YouTuber will tell you that your thumbnail is a money-making machine. this 1280×720 resolution image is important or people won’t click on your video.

A great thumbnail will tell your viewers what the video is about. The first mistake made is using one of YouTube’s clippings as your thumbnail. Don’t do that.

Instead, create a customized thumbnail that has a clear image and a title.

Here is a thumbnail example for the term “BEST PIZZA”:

youtube seo for beginners

3.      Create Keyword-Rich Playlists

Breaking down a subject into a series of videos is known as a playlist. The video follows one after another, encouraging users to stay on your channel and possibly interact with more content.

Using the Pizza idea, the playlist could be about the Pizza Tour.

Each episode could be about finding the best pizza in each city.

Creating a playlist is about keeping viewers on your channel for long periods of time. It is meant to entice them to return to your channel. And you get to use all your related keywords constructively.

Content creation

4.      The Style of your Video

There are various types of channel styles that you can choose from. Of course, your budget will determine which route you take. You can choose between

  • Animation – you get 2D and 3D. These range between $1k-$30k to produce.
  • Moving typography – videos that include moving text sliding, skipping, or leading on and the screen with a narrator in the background.
  • Whiteboard animation – someone draws on a whiteboard closely following the narration of the video.
  • Live-Action – with these videos, they are shot by real people and have a more personal connection.

5.      Depth of the Content

The point of the video should be to explain a problem, teach, sell or share information. One of the best ways to do this is to use EAT. Here are things you need to keep in mind regarding your content:

  • Create a transition – explain the problem using easy to follow words or keywords.
  • Clear call to action – try to get viewers to buy something, join an online community or click on something. Be clear about what you want them to do.
  • Answer final objections – address the objection you found in your research, most in FAQs or survey data shared.

Continuing with the  best pizza example, we want to find the best pizza in NYC to compare to our restaurants. Essentially, we want people to get people to visit our restaurant, which is our call to action, so we would compare pizza according to how they are made, whether they have different bases, vegan options, etc.

We would use keywords such as the best pizza in NYC with gluten-based rather than best pizza NYC with gluten. 

Our call to action would be to “Visit the Pizza Shack for the best gluten-free pizza in NYC.”

Then, we throw in a few lines that address objections, such as “Is Pizza shack gluten-free good?” by explaining that we use gluten-free flour. and so on.

YouTube SEO Tips

YouTube SEO Tips

Content creation has always been an art and by using SEO trends in 2021, we can make sure our websites and videos rank. We have compiled a few tips to help you become the next YouTube star!

  1. Use accurate closed captions.
  2. Add a transcript to your video description.
  3. Make sure your title, description, and tags are keyword optimized.
  4. Use the video SEO embed so that Google is able to crawl and index your video.
  5. Focus on user engagement from watch time to subscriber base.
  6. Be relatable to gain appraisals.
  7. Ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe.
  8. Use the YouTube Search Auto-Suggest for keyword ideas.
  9. Use the YouTube Search Filters to find similar videos as research.
  10. Be Creative. Remember, you are trying to lure your viewer into buying into your business.