Best Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research and competitor analysis are the bulk of SEO work.  Whether you’re an SEO beginner or a Neil Patel, you will always have to do competitor keyword research.  And yes while there are many ways to kill the proverbial cat, what is the best way. Does the best keyword research tool even exist? Yes, it does, and we just may have found it.

Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

It always seems like you need to use one keyword finder, then another service to analyse your competitors and another to see how to improve your content. In our trawls through the internet and various optimization tools, there is one that stood out. This particular keyword aid goes beyond just giving you search terms. It allows you to benchmark yourself against the competition. Over above that, this nifty SEO keyword research tool gives a clear map of what terms you and your competition share, where you have missing keywords and which ones you have but need to improve on.

You are probably curious about which tool this is, well, keep reading.

Keyword Gap – Competitor Keyword Research Simplified!

So, about the best keyword research tool. Semrush recently rolled out Keyword Gap. This tool is about to change how you do competitor keyword research. So, what exactly does it do and how does it work?

Keyword Gap Tool from Semrush
The Keyword Gap tool uses a Venn diagram to show keyword overlap between you and competitors.

What Keyword Gap does compare your site / URL against your competitors. It crawls through each of the URLs and collates all the keywords you and your competitors have / rank for. In that collosal chunk of information it sifts through the keyword research and groups the keywords into 5 categories.

The five categories are as follows:

  1. Shared – these are the keywords you and all the competitors you chose have in common.
  2. Missing – these are the keyword gaps the search terms which do not appear in your content.
  3. Weak – these are key terms that you do have but could improve on.
  4. Strong – for the areas where you surpass the competition
  5. Unique – key words that only you have / rank for.

How to do Keyword Research using Keyword Gap

  1. Find your competitors
  2. Add your URL and the competitors into Keyword Gap (You are allowed 4 competitors max)
  3. Select what types of key words you want to compare – organic, paid or PLA keywords
  4. Click compare and let the tool work its magic
  5. Now you have all the information you need – you may now check the keyword category you want to focus on be it weak, missing, unique or whatever else.

Keyword Research Tips

Keyword Gap lets you filter through the results with by search volume or position. Just when you thought this tool couldn’t get any more efficient.  This is an SEO keyword research tool you definitely should add to your content creation and optimization arsenal. Please do note that this specific feature on Semrush is not a free keyword research tool, but it is worth the spend.

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