Level Up: Free Semrush Courses for SEO Specialists

As an SEO Specialist, you must take a free Semrush course now and then to give your career a competitive edge. Of course, we all know there are plenty of free courses available, but which ones matter right now? You may be pinching yourself because you’ve been meaning to do a few. Well, lucky for you, here are the top 5 Semrush free courses you can do to level up in the SEO field.

Free Semrush Courses

The great thing about Semrush courses is that you can enrol for free. It’s easy to complete the course because each lesson is well structured and consists of a video and questions after. These courses will polish your memory, or you might learn a new thing or two.

1.      Navigating On-Page and Technical SEO (Semrush Academy)

You’ll learn how to improve website elements to get better search engine rankings and attract more visitors. You will also explore the technical aspects of finding and fixing problems that affect how easily search engines can find your site.

Lastly, you’ll get valuable tips for making the user experience better and creating a successful SEO strategy that makes your website stand out online.

Course Breakdown:

  • Intro – how to use Semrush tools to accomplish on-page and technical SEO tasks. Each lesson provides practical guidance and actionable suggestions, so you’ll gain a clearer understanding of how to make your website more optimized.
  • SEO Dashboard – get important marketing information like popular keywords, monitoring how visible a website is, insights on web traffic, authority score, and backlinks data.
  • Site Audit – you’ll receive tasks to boost technical SEO and make your website work better.
  • HTTP Issues – understand HTTPS and how Semrush’s site audit can assist in securing your website. Gain a straightforward understanding of HTTPS and useful suggestions for putting it into practice.
  • Crawlability Issues – use the site audit crawlability report to evaluate how well your website is performing. You’ll also get tips on how to make your site more favourable for search engines to explore and index.
  • Log File Analysis – It works together with your crawlability audit to provide information about how Google bots navigate and engage with your site. This helps you improve your knowledge of website indexing and optimization.
  • SEO Content Template – Create content that’s well-suited for search engines using this toolkit. Gain knowledge on how to make keywords, headings, and the overall readability of your content better to attract more visitors to your website.
  • On-Page Checker – get valuable advice and suggestions to make your content better and boost your search engine rankings. You receive skills to elevate your content using optimization techniques based on data.

2.      How to Optimize for Mobile (Crystal Carter)

Know more about the process of making sure your website works well and is easy to find on mobile devices. You’ll discover important strategies to help you stay in touch with your target audience effectively.

Course Breakdown:

  • Intro – see the essential tools and methods to ensure your website remains well-tailored for people who use mobile devices.
  • What is Mobile First Indexing? – understand the concept of prioritizing mobile content for search engines and find out how to confirm your website’s status in Google Search Console’s mobile-first index.
  • What is Mobile SEO? – what does mobile SEO involve, and why it’s crucial to give it a high priority. Know how it impacts user experience and organic traffic so you can improve your online visibility. Evaluate your mobile audience here!
  • Implementing Mobile First Optimizations – prepare your website for mobile visitors with this mobile optimization. Create a smooth mobile user experience.


3.      Social Media Marketing (Janet Machuka)

Get a grasp of how social media algorithms work. Compare your performance with competitors, and gain insights into your audience.

Course Breakdown:

  • Social Media Marketing Fundamentals – develop knowledge about the basics of social media marketing. See how various social platforms can be used to reach specific marketing goals.
  • Understanding How Social Media Algorithms Work – basics of social media algorithms, their functioning, and effective methods to craft content that these algorithms will prefer.
  • Audience and Competitor Insights – comprehend your intended audience and competitors on social media. This will enable you to create a strategy that resonates with your audience and distinguishes your brand from the competition.
  • Building your Organic Social Media Strategy – perform a social media audit. Additionally, you’ll explore Semrush’s social poster tool to help you create an effective plan for your organic social media strategy.
  • Influencer Marketing with Social Media – crucial aspects of employing influencers in a marketing campaign, including how to measure impact.
  • Measurement: Social Media Analytics – check the effectiveness of your social media marketing by tracking important metrics and utilize Semrush’s Social Analytics tool to make informed decisions for improving your social media strategy

semrush academy seo free courses

4.      GA4 for SEO (Jeff Sauer)

Familiarize yourself with GA4 to enhance the customer experience and boost the growth of your business.

Course Breakdown:

  • Intro – you’ll improve your knowledge of GA4 and find out why transitioning to Google Analytics’ new website tracking software should be a high-priority task.
  • Starting fresh with GA4 – understand the reasons for the need to begin anew with Google Analytics and why GA4 represents a chance to modernize your analytics.
  • A strategic, 5-minute approach to measurement – a method for measuring data in a way that helps you pinpoint the exact information you need, eliminating any uncertainty.
  • Do these 5 things to get the most out of GA4 – learn about the five key features of GA4 that make it easy and convenient for you to collect and analyze data.
  • Linking GA4 with Google Search Console– actions you should follow to connect your GA4 with Google Search Console, and as a bonus, you’ll get a helpful checklist to simplify the process after completing the course.
  • How to make GA4 work for SEO – see the various ways to use GA4 for all your SEO and reporting needs.
  • Advanced SEO Reporting– monitor the success of your SEO tactics. Like knowing how visitors interact with your site, identifying the most engaging content, top sources of website traffic, and other insights.
  • Building a GA4 SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio – creating an SEO dashboard in Google Data Studio to ensure that you capture and display all the crucial information.
  • Comparing your GA4 traffic with Semrush Traffic Analytics – analyze information from two different web tracking tools to have the most comprehensive data available for making informed decisions for your company’s future.
  • Unlocking the Power of GA4 – This lesson brings together all the knowledge you’ve gained in the previous lessons and provides a concise overview of what you need to begin using GA4.

5.      PPC Fundamentals (Joel Bondorowsky)

Most importantly, PPC is a valuable tool for connecting your website traffic with your ultimate business objectives. PPC plays a role in guiding and engaging potential customers in the middle of their decision-making process. This involves advertising content downloads, encouraging newsletter signups, running contests, and promoting app downloads.

PPC can be helpful at various stages of the sales process, helping potential customers move from awareness to becoming actual customers. Regardless of your specific goals, PPC campaigns can be established effectively using this course:

Course Breakdown:

(the list is too long to explain each.  You will have to do the course yourself and define sections😉)

  • What is Pay-per-click
  • Overview of PPC Platforms and Channels
  • What is ‘PPC Strategy’
  • Understanding Sales Funnels
  • Understanding The Decision Making Funnel
  • Establishing Conversions Along Your Funnel
  • Using Landing Pages
  • Setting Aside PPC Budget
  • Intro to Search Advertising
  • Search Campaign Anatomy
  • Search Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Intro to Keyword Research
  • Building Keyword Lists
  • Adding Keywords to Ad Groups
  • Writing and Testing Your First Ads
  • Intro to PLA (Shopping) Campaigns
  • Setting Up Merchant Center and Your Data Feed
  • Launching Your Shopping Campaign
  • Intro to Display Advertising
  • Display Campaign Setup
  • Display Ad Formats and Creation
  • Display Campaign Targeting
  • Display Campaign Optimization
  • Intro to Universal App Campaigns
  • Setting Your Universal App Campaign
  • Universal App Campaign Best Practices
  • The Value of a Click
  • Multidimensional Bidding
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Introduction to Multi-Channel Conversions
  • The Role of The Home Page
  • Branded Search Campaigns
  • An Easy SEO Win for PPC Gains
  • Bring Back Lost Users with Remarketing

Semrush Academy Certificate

You have three chances to write the exam. Once you finish with your respective course, you will earn a certificate from Semrush Academy. It will give you motivation to do other free courses, which will hopefully translate into getting your desired results.