SEO Tips for Christmas Season

What a pleasure to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the streets and shops as Christmas approaches! What if you found the same sensations on the Internet? Website owners have a vested interest in tailoring their online presence to the Christmas season. Here are some fundamental factors to know to create a successful SEO strategy for the holiday season.

Christmas SEO

Work on the titles and Meta descriptions of your pages.

The title should be optimized for your SEO keywords and Meta descriptions to boost clicks (CTR). You can get some interesting data on this in Google’s Search Console.

Create content!

Create pages based on targeted keywords. Group products and create a guide to finding the right gift or offer recommendations for trending products for Christmas.

Use the Rich Snippets to stand out on the results pages.

Rich Snippets are the eye-catcher of customers and can be set up quickly with a few lines of code.

Think local SEO to drive in-store sales.


Local SEO should be worked on all year round. Google Business is obviously the starting point. Make sure to create your account and validate it. Indicate your opening hours and remember to include your opening hours during the holiday season for last minute purchases using the exceptional opening hour’s section. Also, consider adding the name of your city or neighbourhood to your keywords.

Aim for long tail keywords.

In the short term, they will be easier to obtain. In addition, they pair well with the local SEO strategy.

Analyse results pages for opportunities.

Sites like Yelp often appear there listing businesses. Yelp’s algorithm is much simpler and doesn’t require links. Optimize your profile on this kind of site / directory with your keywords to gain extra space in search results.

Christmas advertising

PPC and social media ads have the advantage that they can be set up quickly and can prove to be a good alternative to SEO in a short period of time. Google Shopping takes a bit longer to set up, but allows you to showcase your products directly on results pages and should be considered for your digital marketing strategy.