Content Creation in 2021

Content creation is about Good Content, and is one of the biggest commodities of the digital age. As SEO content creators, we have learnt how equally apply standards of quality content and organic traffic drivers. And in 2021, different content platforms have unique requirements.

As SEO content creators, we know satisfying user intent and generating Content go hand in hand. That and updated SEO methods are how you promote valuable Content for online platforms and readers.

In this presentation, we recap all the relevant content platforms and their process.


Blogs or content pages are one of the most informative types of Content because you can fit so much exposition in them. These are usually well-researched, specialized long-format Content. Blogs will include useful links and are designed to invite readers into interacting.

Optimized content blogs should include high-quality writing and lots of facts. Search engines are trying to deliver information to their readers, so the material is scanned attentively.



According to studies, 75% of people will determine whether a site is credible or not based on its website design. This gives us the importance of how a site must look, especially concerning its Content. The web design incorporates planning, structure and visualization of the Content. Above all else, your site and Content must look the part to perform at its best.

Every client is unique. You need to research and understand your market before you decide on the format of the Content. Design is also how you’ll decide on colours, graphics, styles and layout. This will inform the creator of what type of Content is needed.



Social media is one the biggest advertising platforms at the moment.  And with social media platforms all trying to make lucrative gains from advertisers, there are all sorts of advertising spaces on these platforms. If you create organic Content, you compete with social media algorithms, content creators and paid media. The only way to stand out is on social media to create quality content and to be consistent.




A social media calendar is a useful tool to assist you in generating social media content consistently. We are all human (not you, Siri), and there will be days where we lack enthusiasm or inspiration for social media interaction. This is why tools like TweetDeck and Hubspot are so convenient.


The majority of internet users in this day and age use their mobile devices. Mobile phones are sometimes even more advanced than pc and computers.

This means all Content must be mobile optimized. Consumers use a wide range of mobile devices, including tablets and watches. The most popular operating systems available are android, and iOS and any content must be reachable through them. Which sometimes means two different apps or forums.


Video content was the underdog of Content for many years until now. The rise in popularity in video content forums like youtube, tick-tock, and streaming has added to the trend. Videos are more effective in conveying messages because they encompass all content forms. In addition, viewers get to see real human emotion, and this resonates better.

Some content areas are conservative, and video does not seem like a necessary medium for them, think academia or informational. However, the trajectory of video content suggests it’s here to stay.

Video podcasts can also substitute video content, the format will depend on your genre.