Essential SEO Content Analysis Tools

As you’ve come to understand SEO requires you to regularly improve your content. It means you’ll need to explore more than what you know to become a better writer.

Writers will always try to create engaging content that keeps in mind Google’s quality standards to produce work daily. These content analysis tools may not be perfect but can help you move in the right direction.

Top 5 Online Writing Tools

  1. Grammarly is a spelling and grammar check tool. It is the most basic tool that writers start with.
  2. Headline Analyzer is a software that reads your headings and rates it for traffic gain, sharing, and SEO. It will get into the readability of your heading and break it down, then say what type of heading it is. Heading links tips are suggested on the page to enhance your headings.
  3. Word Counter counts the words you write and gives you the characters. The tool also displays the number of sentences, paragraphs, reading levels plus the reading and speaking time. It also gives you the keyword density.
  4. Cliché Finder,  we all have been cliché at some point and sometimes we aren’t aware that we are. Cliché Finder allows you to paste your copy in the text box then click on “find cliché” under the content. It will highlight the overused information and give you the chance to insert unique copy.
  5. Hemingway Editor allows you to write user-friendly content Hemmingway Editor tests the readability of your copy. The app highlights sentences that are difficult to read, adverbs, and passive voice. With the suggestions it provides, you’ll be able to improve your content.

Content Analysis Tools for SEO

Test the Content Analysis Tools

SEO is an industry that allows you to explore all kinds of tools on the internet to enhance copy. We suggest you try the writing tools on some pages. All of the tools are free but you’ll need to sign up and pay for Headline Analyzer in the long term.