Will VSEO Dominate SEO?

Voice search engine optimization also known as VSEO is voice search technology that allows users to verbally search on the internet. Voice search assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana have become household names helping users find what they are looking for. VSEO is conversational and natural. This modern marvel is quickly influencing how users discover content.  Over 66 million Americans own a smart speaker, and, in 2017, stats showed that by 2020, 30% of web browsing would be screenless.

People are using voice search to get speedy answers for quick facts, searching for a business or researching a service or product. This is where search engine page results come in. Voice search uses SERP features to respond speedily to queries, such as:

  • Featured snippets
  • Image Packs
  • Knowledge cards (stat)
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Related Questions
  • Reviews
  • Site Links
  • Video

how vseo works

Optimizing for VSEO

You may be wondering what then happens with traditional SEO. For VSEO to be successful, voice-friendly content has to be created. Using  “three-query different intents” tool is one way to create such content.

  1. Informational intent: Answer the question informatively. If you have a page on great restaurants tell the user what they will find on there. This is information on everything about the restaurants, meals they can find there, locations, is there a bar etc.
  2. Navigational Intent: Send the user to a destination. An “expensive shoes” query should give users customer service information which will help users make up their mind on which expensive shoes they are looking for. Include things such as a list of expensive shoes, brands making expensive shoes, price of the expensive shoes etc.
  3. Transactional Intent: Help the user click on buy. At this point the user knows what they want and they need a little nudge in the right direction. So, landing on your Best Cake in New Zealand review is not by accident. The order of your H2s and how your content has been laid out will need to push the user to act past their hesitation.

Once you know what your intention is, optimize your page to include the following tips:

  • Content is written as though you are answering question
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Include lists
  • Include long tail keywords
  • Use keywords that trigger Voice search queries. (how, what, best, where, can, top etc.)
  • Focus on semantic search factors (natural language, context, logic, meaning)
  • Use Schema markup
  • Remember to optimize images as well

vseo vs seo

What Does This Mean For SEO?

SEO has not lost its place in society or become null and void. SEO ultimately lures users to clicking onto the site’s URLs and spending time on the site. Voice SEO does not send people to your site. People will only hear the answer to their query. Sorry, this does mean less traffic for your site.

However, optimizing content to appeal to both VSEO and SEO will work in your benefit. Not only will your content be the first answer to VSEO queries, landing your place in VSEO means you are now Rank 0 in SEO.