What is the Link Title Attribute?

A link title attribute is an HTML code that is used by SEO professionals to provide more information on the page that has been used as an internal link in the content. It has the same purpose as the Title and Alt attributes that are used in images. They are meant to help users who may be visually impaired. When you hover over an anchor link on a page, the link title attribute will appear for a limited number of seconds (usually 5 seconds). The link title tag is mostly used to enhance the user’s experience. Search engines do not use the link title attribute as a ranking factor. With that said, anything that helps enhance accessibility and user-experience is always recommended for your website.

The longer the user stays on your website, the better your rankings will be on search engines. It is essential to use the link title tag correctly to ensure that you don’t end up annoying the user.

What Do Search Engines Say about the Link Title Attribute?

As we have stated before, no evidence reflects that search engines use the link title attribute for ranking purposes. However, that does not mean the link title attribute should not be used to enhance UX.


According to Google, the Googlebot does not see the image directly, so it will rely on the information that is provided in the alt attribute. This means that you can substitute the alt attribute with the link title attribute if you think it is useful for your users.


Bing believes that the link title attribute is useful when you want to maintain the natural and logical language of your content. You can use long-tail keywords as the link title tag. In that way, that ensures that your content does not lose its grammatical and logical flow. Using long-tail keywords as the link title tag will ensure that the readability of your content is not compromised.

Link Title Attribute

Benefits of the Link Title Attribute

Your website can gain some advantages from the use of the link title tag. As we have stated before, no evidence indicates that the link title tag will help your page in terms of ranking, retrieval, or indexing. Nonetheless, that does not mean your page should not be optimized to improve user experience and accessibility. These are some of the benefits that your page(site?) can gain:

  • If you use it accurately, it will help users that are visually impaired learn more about the page being linked to and your website.
  • It may assist in influencing your user’s behavior. If you have provided interesting information as your link title tag, it may make your user stay longer on your page and click on the link.
  • If users stay longer on your site, which will, in turn, increase the authority of your website, and you may rank higher.
  • The link title tag may help maintain the natural flow of your content, and it won’t compromise its readability.

Link Title Attribute Best Practices

There are a few things that you need to do and not do to achieve the benefits that we have mentioned below. Follow these steps when using the link title tag.

  • Write the link title attribute in a way that ensures that you are providing extra information about the page you are linking to.
  • You need to make sure that the link title attribute is user-friendly, and it read well.
  • Make sure that you don’t duplicate the anchor text. This means that you shouldn’t use the same keyword that you used for your anchor text. If it won’t provide additional information about the page you are linking to, then it is a good idea not to use it.
  • You need to make sure that you don’t overstuff the link title attribute with keywords.
  • Make that you don’t use the link title tag excessively on your page. Focus on the pages that you think are important, and you want to drive the most traffic to—for example, your homepage.

How to Implement the link Title Attribute on your page

Follow the following steps when you are implementing the link title attribute.

  1. Go to the Text Editor of Your WordPress website.
  2. Add the following html tag on you page: <a href=”/” title=”Top UK Casinos”>online casinos UK</a>.

Interesting Fact about Website Accessibility

In January 2019, a class action suit was brought against Beyonce.com for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. A Blind woman from New York brought forwards the lawsuit stating that the website did not have sufficient accommodation for people living with severe vision impairments. The lady further noted that approximately 2 million blind people and others living with sight impairments were excluded from getting news about Beyoncé.

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